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The LNBA, through a cooperative agreement with NCDENR, DWQ (Memorandum of Agreement, (MOA)), monitors sites throughout the Neuse Basin below Falls Lake Dam. The LNBA has 48 sites plus 7 voluntary sites (funded by the City of Raleigh) in the MOA. Additionally, DWQ monitors many sites in the basin under the Ambient Monitoring System. The LNBA~AMS Sites 061412.pdf file shows all sites monitored by the LNBA~AMS Program.

These data may be accessed through the STORET website or you can access data summaries (2006 – 2010). We may be able to supply the raw data sets (monthly data with all LNBA stations). Please contact us to request that information (limited to past 5 years electronically).

LNBA REPORTS: The LNBA Annual Reports and other Documents may be accessed here:

Note: Only currently active sites are shown on this map.