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The LNBA, through a cooperative agreement with NCDENR, DWQ (Memorandum of Agreement, (MOA)), monitors sites throughout the Neuse Basin below Falls Lake Dam. The LNBA has 48 sites plus 7 voluntary sites (funded by the City of Raleigh) in the MOA. Additionally, DWQ monitors many sites in the basin under the Ambient Monitoring System Ambient Monitoring System (AMS) | NC DEQ. Additional information about the Coalition Monitoring Program is found here Monitoring Coalition Program | NC DEQ

These data may be accessed through the STORET website. We may be able to supply the raw data sets (monthly data with all LNBA stations). Please contact us to request that information (limited to past 5 years electronically).


LNBA REPORTS: The LNBA Annual Reports and other Documents may be accessed here:

Note: Only currently active sites are shown on this map.